About us

Marbella Specials

Your English-speaking real estate agent in Marbella and Belgium

Marbella Specials welcomes you on their website. Looking for real estate, whether you buy ,rent or sell, our proffecional and personal service to you is guaranteed as we are known for our clear view and skilled ability in the matter

Belgian English-speaking real estate agent on the Costa del Sol

Unlike otheer English-speaking real estate specialists on the Costa del Sol, you can contact the Marbella Specials team in Belgium and Spain. We are represented in both countries.

Qualitative real estate and service

Marbella Specials has an extensive database of high quality properties for sale and rent in Marbella  and surroundings, as well as new contruction projects. Being experienced since 2001 we can provide you an additional service concerning all the legal and financial aspects, from notary deeds, contracts as to bank operations. In order to help you finding the property or rental home of you dreams, we take time to get to know you better so we can make the best links to your personal lifestyle, wishes and needs.

Our Philosophy

Marbella Specials realizes that buying or selling real estate is one of the most important decisions one makes in a lifetime. Therefore you can count on us as a solid partner for advice, discretion and professional service. We are not only your average real estate agent....we are proud we have a significant lead in buying and selling domestic and abroad.

Immediate action

As an experirnced broker we developed a method to bring you immediately in contact with one of our team members ( Belgium or Spain), located in your area, as from the moment you show interest to one of our services.

Crystal clear registration process

We make sure that you feel absolutely comfortable and that you are fully protected not only by us, but also by the owners, by the buyers and by the sellers of the property.

Full documentation

all our offered real estate do possess the necessary and correct legal documents, so under no circumstances you will have to face an unpleasant suprise. The fun part is finding your dream estate... The tough part starts afther that. Current contracts can easily contain 50 pages of text, so it is our duty and pleasure to help you find your way all through that administration.

Good relationship with the owners

Marbella Specials is able to negotiate in a relaxed but critical correct way with thier partners as they have the best understandings with candidate owners and renters.

Thorough communication, in speech and writing

The best is barely good enough for our clients as we make it as our goal to communicate and negotiate on a clear way with our costumers. Marbella Specials stand for the very personal touch in guiding to face or by text.

Product setting

if you are interested in visiting one of the properties, an agent most familair with it will be appointed to you by our sales coordinator. A good knowledge of the product gives you the ability to discover its potential in the market.


Marbella Specials will always strive to respect your privacy and legal rights as it concerns your personal information and data. In that concept, we have "Exclusive real Estate" offers that not will be published on our website, but only will be shared with potential customers who's profile match for that specific property.

Propeerty management

Our skilled Property Management Team offers you eminent service and is able to help you finding or keeping quality renters. A marketing program and a far-reaching checking system will guarantee you renting out at the best possible conditions to the most eminent candidates.

The team